Wild Goose re-opened the tasting room on Friday June 5th. following the lockdown period from Covid-19 concerns in British Columbia. Our current hours are 11:00 – 4:00pm. The Tasting Room will be closing for the season on Monday November 2, 2020. In Phase 2 of the Provincial Government plan Wild Goose implemented the following to reduce the possible spread of the novel coronavirus and for the safely and health of our employees and the public who are interested in tasting our wines and visiting our property:


Cleaning Protocols

  • Gloves will be worn by all staff. Separate glove swill be used for consumer tastings and for cleaning activities. Employees will wash hands and/or gloves after each contact with the public
  • Cleaning equipment provided to all staff: paper towel, gloves, 70-100% alcohol in spray bottle, hand sanitizer, soap foam in dispenser
  • Procedure for cleaning: Spray alcohol directly on surface or directly onto paper towels, wipe all services. Dispose of the paper towel
  •  Areas to be cleaned after each use: tables, chairs, spittoons, glasses, bar top, handheld payment device
  • Areas to be cleaned frequently (minimum once per hour): touch points throughout Tasting Room and washrooms, toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and handles in washrooms, plexiglass barriers
  • Glasses and spittoons will go through commercial dishwasher. Glasses will be polished immediately upon removal from dishwasher. Employees will be wearing gloves at all times.
  • Slow pours used for pouring wines will be removed daily from every bottle and soaked in a solution of water and sanitizer overnight.
  •  Cleaning log for each public area (each washroom) will be initialed by employee once cleaning is done.
  • A Tasting Group cleaning checklist will be completed and signed off for each tasting group after their tasting and the cleaning is completed
  • Employees will follow morning and evening cleaning checklist along with the standard setup and take down procedures

Employees Covid Safety Policies

  • Employees with the following are prohibited from coming to work: Any of the Covid 19 symptoms in the last 10 days. Symptoms include fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and new muscle aches or headache. Employee is to notify their supervisor immediately upon development of symptoms and not come to work if there are at home or immediate leave the premises if they are at work; Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate; anyone who has arrived from outside of Canada or who has had contact with a confirmed Covid19 case
  • If you are at work and develop symptoms please wash or sanitize your hands, put on a mask, and isolate yourself. Notify your supervisor or colleague and proceed straight home. If you are severely ill please call 911 or ask a colleague to do it for you. Colleagues are to clean and sanitize any areas that the sick colleague may have come in contact
  • Try to maintain at all times a 2 M distance between yourself and colleagues and customers. If situations arise that the two metre distance is not maintained then employees should wear a mask.
  • Tasting Room employees will wear gloves while they are working at Wild Goose whether inside or outside of the winery
  • Gloves should be sanitized after each contact with a consumer group. This can be done by spraying alcohol or hand sanitizer on the gloves and washing them like you would your hands
  • Masks should be worn by all staff when they are performing duties that takes them within 2 M of the guest until plexiglass barriers are put in place. Proper use of masks will be reviewed with all staff members during the training period prior to opening.
  • Employees must take their breaks apart from their colleagues and the general public.
  • Contact information for staff if they are experiencing any symptoms of Covid 19 will be posted in the tasting room


Tasting Room Service

  • As much as possible, one tasting room rep will be assigned to one tasting group. The rep greets the customers, serves them, takes payment and cleans up the space and equipment immediately afterwards. If this is not possible then gloves should be changed/sanitized between groups.
  • All tasting room reps will wear a Wild Goose apron, at all times
  • There will now be two roles during opening hours: one as host/cleaner and the other as an Tasting Room representative. Each role will be assigned for that entire shift. Roles can change between shifts but not during shifts.
  • The Host’s role is go greet the guest as they arrive, check them in, open door and direct them to step in, then take guest and party to their reserved spot.
  • Each assigned location will be preset for each customer. Customer will use one glass for white wines, one glass for red wines, one small glass for water. Individual cup for each guest to use as a spittoon. Water, water glasses and a menu will be preset. Tasting Room rep will take their guest’s wine order, retrieve wines, pour wines into glasses at end of table, guest at end can hand glasses down to each guest in the party, ensuring rep does not get closer then 2M.
  • Tasting Room rep. will approach guests at the free end of the table and pour wines into glasses, without touching the bottle to the glass
  • Tasting room rep will ring in any sales at the POS station, print a pre-receipt, and take that and the handheld devise back to the guest table. Handheld receipts can be presented and the rep move back from the table
  • Wine sample orders will be given verbally to the tasting room rep, who can either write it down or retain information and bring the wines back to the guests
  • After service, the rep will remove the stemware, and put directly into the dishwasher tray. Individual menus and cups should be discarded. Cleaning procedure for the table and chairs should then follow
  • At this time, kids and pets will not be allowed as the ability to control the interaction is reduced
  • Reservation will be request to be made. Tables will be preset for guest arrival. Initial sessions will be 30-45 mins, leaving 15 mins for cleanup and sanitization. Reservations will be booked on the hour and on the half hour.
  • Walk ins are welcome, with space permitting


Additional Guest Safety Procedures

  • Hand sanitizer will be distributed for guest use throughout the property. Guest will need to arrive with their own PPE. Wild Goose will be providing all staff with PPE
  • Until an automated system is in place we will log all customers into a manual reservation system with contact information for one person per party